Its Harvest Season!

Harvest is happening! Are you getting what you want?
Combine your purchases with others to buy direct from the growers at bulk prices and save $$. Sign up now and join the fun!

What We Offer:

This website provides members the option to combine purchases buying in bulk direct from the grower; such as a fruit orchard or from small scale commercial gardeners.

For the orchards, it also provides a local market to put up produce that would otherwise be lost due to lack of a commercial buyer. Members want to buy in bulk quantities, just not quite the amounts a grower may need to sell, but when combined with others it is possible to do!

Local Food for You provides a direct local market without needing to put up and manage a website and sell in small amounts by the pound or each for small commercial gardeners. Members are looking for lower cost produce that is local and may be organic.

Local Food For You is here to help make the connection! Talk to us if you are interested in being a local area administrator or be an agent finding produce bulk deals from any grower who needs to sell a crop.

Website Launch

Membership sign up is Open!
Membership signup is open with a $1.00 charge for one year membership. Membership fee is paid with your first purchase.

Current program target area is bounded by the cities of Sacramento, Placerville and Auburn with surrounding areas in California. If you are in another area or state and are interested in the program, please contact the Business Administrator using the Talk to Us link in the top menu.

NOTE: Any food growers who would like to sell their produce to members may sign up and be their own agent! Please contact the Business Administrator on how to get set up.

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