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Concept Idea

Many people like to be able to purchase foods direct from the producers. But the quantities they want is not enough volume for a grower to effectively deal with. When several buyers can work together, the sum of their purchases becomes large enough for a grower to make a deal. The grower can get a better price and the buyers get the produce at much lower than retail price.

Local Food For You Company
Greetings friends!

We wanted to be able to purchase foods we liked for home canning and saving on food cost. But the amounts we wanted to purchase were too large for stores to handle as well as being too expensive. Trying to get what we wanted direct from growers was too small for them to deal with!

One day a friend emailed us to let us know they had a friend who was making a bulk purchase from an orchard for apples; would we be interested in pooling an order? Yes, we were! On the day for pick up the orders, we arrived and weighed out our order from the orchard boxes provided. It occurred to me that was the solution I had been looking for to solve the problem of bulk buying direct from the growers. Discussion with the friend who had set up the order led to this website and business.

Local Food For You provides an easy connection for bulk food purchases direct from growers in season. Members combine orders together to meet the quantities a grower provides. Grower is paid for the produce on delivery. Member's pick up their order at the designated place and time.

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