Not only does food taste better when it's picked ripe but it is made even sweeter when you can get it at a great price and not have to sacrifice quality. For those who love to preserve their food, being able to buy loads of produce at discounted prices is paramount, as most of us don't have tons of excess cash lying about. When there is only one person wishing to purchase enough produce to preserve, its nigh impossible to get a wholesale price from a vendor. While the farmer's markets alleviate that somewhat, one still has to watch the pocketbook balance closely. With Local Food For You, we are bringing the grower and the purchaser closer where the combined member purchases can reach the wholesale volumes the grower requires.

We had wanted to be able to purchase large quantities of foods we liked for preserving for use throughout the year. Bob had been trying to solve the problem of being able to buy wholesale from growers. The problem was their orders were just too big for one person, then Sherle was added to a Facebook message from a friend of a friend who was putting together a wholesale order of apples and did we want to help fill the order. Yes, we did!

When the day came to pick up our order, we arrived, weighed out our order and realized that the lady organizing it needed some help, so we stayed. Bob immediately saw the potential to help more people and ways to streamline the process and talked to the lady organizing that event. She had been thinking along these lines as well and was pretty excited about the website idea and LF4U began.

After about a year and getting lots of details ironed out we had the website up and running just before harvest began the following year. The program was a success and we learned a lot of things along the way. Enjoy the updated website and we are looking forward to a new season.

Bob & Sherle